Our strenght’s point is cooking, since we cultivate, take care off and we choise directly raw materials and the products with which we prepare delicious dishes. Following our philosophy, cooking, not only measures and rapresents the culture and the traditions of a place, but it is and art too, also in the preparation of simple dishes. The menu changes according to seasons and to the disponibility of fresh products: “gnocchi of potatoes produced in the farm and dressed with tomato-sauce of S. Marzano, mozzarella and a lot of fresh basil; fresh cavatelli to goat’s ragout; fusilli with sausage, mushrooms and tomatoe-sauce; tagliolini to meat’s ragout; farfalle with tomatoes and fresh provola (a kind of fresh cheese made in Italy) and still a lot of old and simple recipes as: pasta with beans, with chick-peas; soup whith spelt and beans; pasta with potatoes and soon. To these simple recipes. Some more difficult dishes are alternated: crepes stuffed with fresh buttermilk curd, mozzarella and salted meats, lasagne and cannelloni, potatoes and rice pies. Other courses are expecially made with meats of animals breeded in the farm or around; and so from the kitchen come out sausiges and cutlets cooked on the fire; beefsteaks, lamb, rabbit and chiken with tomato sauce; meat stew and goat’s chop and soon. Moreover we offer a lot of fresh cheese (mozzarella, provola, provolones cheese, stuffed with rocket, ham, fresh butter milk curd, chilli and butter. Everyday delicious cakes are prepared with eggs and butter made in the farm, and different jams produced with fruits cultivated in the farm: “ struffoli”, “zeppole”, cakes made with corn, figs tart, prunes tart, pears tart and oranges tart; biscuits with walnuts and hazel nuts; chestnuts’ truffles; cake with chestnuts, buttermilk curd, chocolate; apple pie; fritters of apple; etc.

The fresh fruit is picked up directly in the farm.
The farm holidays has also an oven to prepare pizzas, bread and biscuits.

We produce directly in the farm:
  • Fresh cheese.
  • Fresh Pasta.
  • Wine, vegetables, potatoes, meat, tomato sauce.
  • Marmelades, spirits.
  • To cook we use only extra vergine olive oil.
  • To fry we use only peanut oil.
  • To prepare pizzas we use only olive oil.